At the start of the oil boom in the 60’s Julian started out with the D7 cat he had used for logging plus a small track type Johne Deere loader and a single axle gravel truck. As demand grew for more and better gravel he added a “single pass jaw crusher” this would break the bigger rocks down so you weren’t trying to make a road with boulders in it.

By todays standards it was very crude. Over the years Nash Ent. has grown with the times and now uses, a crusher made up of 5 components; a wash plant made up of 4 components, plus all the equipment needed to feed these plants including: excavators; loaders; cats; rock truck and a grader.

Gravel trucks off all configurations are used to deliver the products.  Nash Ent. owns all its own equipment for developing pits; processing sand & gravel; and delivering our products to our customers.

We also have civil construction equipment available for hire.

Each piece of equipment has its own documented maintenance program to ensure is safe & relaible on the jobsite.

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